Photo Story

By:Kelly Norton

Its Maths May for Alana this year! Numbers are everywhere and I notice Alana working with them a lot lately.  Here Alana is working with the ‘cards and counters’, consolidating her numeral (symbol) recognition whilst exploring odds and evens…


Another symbol of our world, Alana begins to enjoy books on her own, drawing on her phonetic work with the moveable alphabet…

Writing, writing, writing.. here Alana makes diligent practice of her own name… of course in the eyes of a four year old the MOST important word!

Alana has also worked with our sensory tablets, discerning between the textures and learning the vocabulary that will assist her in her developing writing endeavours.


Alana keeps bringing home work for us, and lately she showed me a drawing and apologised for her name being incorrect, she spelled it with too many “a”s. Quite impressive! 🙂

Written By Oliver Kastler 26/05/2015 3:45:06 p.m.

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