Alana writes with the Large Moveable Alphabet

By:Tracie Phua


Alana, I asked if you wanted to work with the Large Moveable Alphabet (LMA) today. You readily agreed and got the large box out of the Language shelf. You decided that you wanted to write the names of your family members with the letters from the LMA.


You started with your own name, then Sam’s then your mummy’s name and your pet Bella’s. You then decided to add “daddy” to the list.


You were able to write all the names phonetically by slowly sounding out each component of each name.


When you finished your writing, you commented “We have so many ‘a’s in my family! ” That’s true ! Every name had at least one “a”!

You appeared to be reviewing your own work at the end of the activity. What new words will you build next ?


What learning do I think is happening here?

Alana is analysing words into their component sounds with this activity. As she sounds out the words, she picks the corresponding symbol from the box of letters. Placing the letters on a “lined” rug also allows her to see the placement of letters along a line eg the bottom of the letter “y” goes below the line. This activity prepares her for later writing and reading.

Opportunities and possibilities?

We will continue to give Alana opportunities to build up her repertoire of sounds and symbols with the sand paper letters and work with the LMA to build more words. Children learn to write before they read in Montessori classrooms. It is easier for a child to “encode” their thoughts / ideas than to “decode” someone else’s writing. We’re looking forward to see what else Alana wants to write!


Alana is a happy child and we are very fortunate to have her here at Titoki ! 🙂 And she loves to learn !

Written By Tracie Phua 23/03/2015 11:48:47 a.m.

Love this! She looks so happy and focused at the same time! Thank you 🙂

Written By Britta and Oliver Kastler 23/03/2015 6:04:12 a.m.

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