Binomial cube

Binomial cube

By:Kelly Norton

Alana has been working with the binomial cube.  This cube appears as a puzzle that offers opportunities to problem solve, but in fact this cube is the introduction, unbeknownst to Alana, to the cube of a binomial and it’s algebraic formula.  In this material, Maria Montessori beautifully prepares the subconscious through work with the hands, for very abstract concepts that will follow in the Montessori Primary Classroom.


Also developing Alana’s ability for deep concentration to the task,


With a sense of pure joy at completion, reinforcing perseverance to a task.

What learning do I think is happening here?

Problem solving, using the  pattern painted onto the materials as control of error.

Opportunities and possibilities?

Repeated use with the cube will consolidate this patterning.  Children often freely choose to complete the cube, and after much repetition work towards completing the cube blindfolded; having so finely developed their memory of the concept through the senses/hand.

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