Cloud in a jar

Cloud in a jar

By:Kelly Norton

Cyclone Pam inspired a group demonstration on ‘clouds’ and ‘rain’ with the ‘cloud in a jar experiment.  This inspired discussion about what the children heard and saw over the weekend when the storm hit.  They offered insight into how we may help our friends in Vanuatu badly affected by the storm.  After some poetry about the rain, the children collaborated to create the following poem about the storm…









Later there was time for independent discovery, while at the same time honing our pincer grip and observation skills..

Those who had had a turn, then became the experts (tuakana), to assist others (teina) in successfully completing the experiment.

Further art work was inspired…

While others chose to reflect and return to the poetry that was inspired by Cylcone Pam.

What learning do I think is happening here?

The children are learning about the natural world, science, poetry and empathy as they contribute to this discussion and participate in the experiment.

Opportunities and possibilities?

We will continue to offer a holistic approach to learning for our akonga at Titoki.

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