Sandpaper Letters

By:Karin Zapatero

Alana was keen to work with the Sandpaper letters today. So 3 letters were chosen to work with. During the three period lesson, Alana was introduced to the sound of the letters and shown the correct way in tracing them using both the index and middle fingers. Alana was able to remember the symbols and sounds of each letter. She also explored words that began with the same sounds.

The purpose of this work is to introduce Alana to the sounds and symbols of the alphabet by using her senses (muscular, visual and auditory).

Then, Alana was able to practice writing those letters on the chalkboard.


What learning do I think is happening here?

Alana is using her tactile, visual and auditory senses as she learns the symbols and sounds of letters.Her practice on the chalkboard further reinforce her learning. The Sandpaper letters also indirectly prepare her for later reading and writing.

Opportunities and possibilities?

Now, Alana you can practice these 3 letters and we will keep introducing you to the rest of the alphabet letters as time goes by.


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